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Our Services

At Slyde International Services Limited our services includes the following 

We assist our clients every step of the way towards building a winning and error free visa application portfolio

Any immigration process is not complete until the immigrant is optimally accepted in the host destination. We orientate our clients on everything that should be done to make their immigration a complete success.

We support our students admission application by guiding them effectively through our professional experience and conduct

We ensure our clients are well sensitized about the career prospects of any course they choose to study. We also present our students with various options that simulate with current educational trends that would be relevant in the nearest future.

Application for Admission

We handle the step by step procedures and overall packaging necessary for appropriate and successful application to international universities and colleges for our clients.

Visa Counselling and Processing

We advise, orientate and guide our clients effectively on the proper and legal immigration procedures that should be utilized when pursuing opportunities abroad.

Fees and Scholarship Information

Having the necessary pivotal information about the financial implications of every educational venture abroad as well understanding developmental procedures surrounding scholarship opportunities is very germane when it comes to studying abroad, which is the major reason it is a point of duty at our company to keep our clients abreast with the necessary information at all times

Pre Visa Interview

In a bid to ensure optimal success for our clients during their visa interview at the embassy, we organize training sessions to prepare and equip them comprehensively for the task ahead in such a way that every question concerning the purpose of their trip and ambitions overseas are outlined which is an action that definitely gives them a better chance at performing excellently during the interview

Career Advice

We engage in career advisory services for the purpose of guiding our clients towards making the right decision as regards their immigration and academic advancements objectives. We always ensure that our students enroll for courses that will be relevant in the future.

Pre Departure Briefing

Traveling to a foreign country for the first time involves a reasonable deal of physical and behavioral preparation. We sensitize our clients adequately after a successful application about everything needed to complete their migration without having any complications on their arrival and during their stay abroad

Excursion Packages For Secondary Schools

Education as a lifelong learning process is not limited only to the classroom. At our company we believe that no single element of learning works in isolation and that learning can continue to take place even beyond the academic curriculum. We package exclusive opportunities for secondary school students to travel to other countries for excursions, which positions them to enjoy all the benefits of a dynamic cultural exchange in a safe and educational environment.

Accomodation Reservation and Flight Bookings

In order to make the immigration and transition of our clients seamless and effective, we render top notch service as regards flight bookings and accommodation reservation for all our clients during their trip abroad