Study In France


France is currently the fourth most popular study destination in the world, and it’s no wonder with its excellent culture, highly rated university system and the draw of relatively low tuition. Each year, close to 300,000 students travel to France for the sole purpose of studying in its schools.

The quality of French higher education is widely recognized through the globe. It’s the one of the leading host country for higher education in the world. It’s a country in the heart of Europe that offers a lot for international students, such benefits includes


The cost of studying in France ranges dramatically depending on the institution: public universities offer pleasingly low tuition fees, while private institutions cost much more. Still, compared to countries like the U.S. and the U.K., the cost of attending one of France’s premiere institutes of higher education is a relative steal. Not to mention the wealth of scholarships available for international students, which makes France a realistic destination even for those on the tightest budgets. Government Scholarships for International Students in France includes

The Eiffel Scholarships: The Eiffel scholarship program was launched in 1999 by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support international outreach initiatives by French higher education institutes in order to remain competitive and attract the best international students in master’s, engineering and Ph.D. coursework. While the program doesn’t cover tuition fees, state enrolment fees are waived, and recipients receive a monthly allowance as well as other expenses.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships: These fully funded scholarships offered by the European Union cover living costs, tuition, travel and insurance for master’s and Ph.D. students.

Ile-de-France Masters Scholarships: International students at select French universities, including the Ecole Centrale Paris and the Universite Paris-Est Créteil Val de Marne (UPEC), are eligible for funding, with priority given to students from priority areas within the region, as well as from emerging countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. Students receive a lump sum of 10,500 euros.


The Guardian recently published a piece on France’s unique positioning within the international educational landscape. The country is in a unique predicament due to the international higher education market’s increasing focus on English-speaking coursework, not to mention its uniquely fragmented approach and deliberate lack of oversight by a central body. However, despite the country’s decentralized approach, some pivotal universal elements remain: an egalitarian imperative — along with accompanying funding opportunities — regarding the universal right to higher education; a shared belief in the importance of universities as research and knowledge centers in which students are encouraged to explore flexible cross-curriculum opportunities; and a commitment to the necessity of foreign students in fostering a dynamic and competitive higher educational system.


Not that learning French is such a bad thing. Considered a fairly easy language to pick up because of its lexical similarity to English, a significant portion of French vocabulary can be understood by the English speaker; in fact, linguists believe that up to a third of modern English has been influenced by French. While advanced students may occasionally struggle with trickier topics, students of conversational French are likely to experience success.


Living and studying in one of the most culturally rich countries in the world.Beating out London, Singapore, Sydney, Zurich, Boston and many others, Paris was declared the best student city for a reason: from academic resources to bustling nightlife, low transportation expenses and accommodation help to 40% to 50% by government, it is also an educational and cultural hub for students from across the globe. There’s no place like France when it comes to culture — particularly as it relates to art, museum and wine. Ultimately, France offers a dynamic and iconic culture that stands alone.


While France offers everything you need to satisfy your travel lust — from rolling countryside to urban alleyways — its central location delivers easy access to other European destinations.


Students with French degrees have a leading edge on the job hunt, thanks to a thriving network of partnerships between top companies and institutions of higher education. Furthermore, the French government recently declared employability as a French mandate. France offers Part-time job opportunities for students, Internship opportunities with top companies and Work permit opportunities for international students after internships